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Syncing Music

2008-01-15 17:21:05 by ImaginationCreations

Hey I just posted on the forums too, as far as my knowledge goes syncing music to a animation is very painstaking, or animating to music, either way I just wanted to ask you wonderful people of newgrounds if you had any tips on how to maybe


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2008-01-15 17:38:56

you should put the music in the flash


2008-01-21 08:49:19

I read your review about the kk flash and you are right. We need to get rid of them because they have no talent and their humor is for adults only.


2008-01-23 01:15:58

Ahhhh yeah.

Another one turns to the kitty side.

I will ttyl cool guy 8)


2008-02-02 04:04:13

Hi, i'm oggycheese, maker of 'Gravity's Just a Theory'. I based my whole cartoon on syncing to music... First of all, you import it to flash, but it on the bottom layer, and set it to 'stream' instead of 'event' in the properties bar i think. This way, it plays the music when you play from anyway or even drag the timeline. This helps you to find the beats easily, you can also look for the spikes in the music and do things at the point, if you want to make something that syncs like Gravity's Just a theory, don't plan it! Just listen to the next bar of music and think, hmm what would go with that.
Hope this helped.


2008-03-26 17:21:06

exotic-smokes I am turning against the KK not to it. Please know the difference between the 2.